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Urban Research Group at the
Georg Simmel Zentrum für Metropolenforschung Berlin


about us.

The URBAN RESEARCH GROUP is conducting interdisciplinary urban research with a focus on the URBAN COMMONS.

We are consisting of doctoral and post-doctoral researchers from different disciplinary and institutional backgrounds performing self-organized research in metropolitan studies. The Georg Simmel Centre for Metropolitan Studies is our platform.



Selected books of our members:
Coworking Spaces: Urbane Räume im Kontext flexibler Arbeitswelten

Müller, Agnes Katharina Habitat International December 2018

Bologna as a Laboratory for Urban Commons

Editors: Schwegmann, Martin; Kremer, Elisabeth
In cooperation with the program "Actors of Urban Change" of Robert Bosch Stiftung

Städtewandel durch Kultur

Dellenbaugh-Losse, Mary Landeszentrale f. pol. Bildung Thüringen 2017

Urban Commons: Moving beyond State and Market.

Editors: Dellenbaugh, Mary; Kip, Markus; Bieniok, Majken; Müller, Agnes; Schwegmann, Martin No. 154 of the series: Bauwelt Fundamente June 2015

Lumpencity: Discourses of Marginality - Marginalizing Discourses

Editors: Kip, Markus; Bourke, Alan; Dafnos, Tia Red Quill Books December 2011

Selected Articles

Schwegmann, Martin: sdfddfgds




Research-civil society dialogue  is no one way street of knowledge dissemination. Vivid exchange is a first step toward cross-sectoral colaboration. Therefore, the Urban Research Group is organizing events where practicioners from Urban Commons initiatives meet with policymakers and researchers. Find here a selection of past events:

  • Urban Commons and the New Urban Agenda – inventory and outlook
    online talk with critical observer of the Habitat III conference – by Dr. Martin Schwegmann
    17.-20. October 2016


  • Urban Citizenship and the Commons: Welcoming Undocumented Migrants?
    with Dr. Mathias Rodatz, Institut for Humangeography, Goethe-Universität – by Dr. Markus Kip and Dr. Martin Schwegmann
    November 2016


  • Urban Commons in Bologna: Experiences with the new regulation on urban commons
    with Prof. Christian Iaione, associate professor of public law at Guglielmo Marconi University of Rome and visiting professor of governance of the commons at LUISS Guido Carli where he directs LabGov – LABoratory for the GOVernance of the Commons ( – by Dr. Martin Schwegmann
    Januar 2017

  • Mapping, Big Data, Citizens Tech… What does digitalization mean for urban commons?
    with Prof. Marian Dörk (N.N.) from the Urban Complexity Lab at Potsdam University of Applied Science and Andrien Labaye (N.N.)( Urban Researcher in the field of urban und digital commons) – by Dr.Martin Schwegmann
    June 2017
  • Workshop: Current Developments in Critical Urban StudiesDr. des. Mary Dellenbaugh, Dr. Thomas Dörfler Berlin, 10 & 11 July, 2014
  • Urban body and mind sessions (urban mindfulness) 
    ongoing event series with Dr. Majken Bieniok (Dipl. Psych.)

Our Members

Current members of the Urban Research Group
Dr. Majken Bieniok

Dipl. Psychologist, Humboldt University Berlin

Dr. Mary Dellenbaugh-Losse

B Sc. MA Landscape Architecture, Dr. rer. nat., Humboldt University Berlin Blog

Dr. Markus Kip

M.A. Sociology, New School for Social Research, PhD York University, Toronto

Agnes Katharina Müller

Dipl.-Ing. Architect, Doctoral Candidate, Technical University Berlin

Dr. Martin Schwegmann

Dipl. Ing. Architect, Habitat Unit, Technical University Berlin

Our former members are:
Dr. Christina M. Heinen


Dr. Zofia Lapniewska

Economist, Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow in the Center for Transdisciplinary Gender Studies at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Katarzyna Puzon

Social Antropologist, Doctoral Candidate at the Polish Academy of Sciences and a visiting fellow at the Berlin Graduate School Muslim Cultures and Societies, Freie Universität Berlin.


Our Blog

Articles, Invitations, Reflections

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Buch: Städtewandel durch Kultur
Dellenbaugh-Losse, Mary. 2017. Städtewandel durch Kultur. Erfurt: Landeszentrale für politische Bildung Thüringen. Über das Buch Städtewandel durch Kultur ist ein hochaktuelles Stadtentwicklungskonzept. Kultur birgt Potenzial für die nachhaltige Entwicklung unserer Städte,…

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